Chiropractic Websites

5 Essential Parts to a Chiropractic Marketing Website


A website is essential to market your practice online. More and more people are coming online to do research and find Chiropractors in the United Kingdom and all around the world. Your older patients are also finding it easier to use… Continue reading

Article Marketing-

Is It Necessary For Your Chiropractic Marketing Plan?


It’s no secret that getting as much content on the web as possible, is the most important key to article marketing. The second most important key, is getting people to read those articles and getting those people to see you as… Continue reading

Creating Marketing for Patients

3 Things a Prospective Patient Sees in Your Chiropractic Marketing


How would things be different in a chiropractic office if the chiropractor and the staff saw things through the eyes of a patient? When exactly does the first impression begin? I would suspect that for those patients who are… Continue reading

Feedback as a Proactive Tool

Using Feedback As a Proactive Chiropractic Marketing Tool


People will tell you that customer service is declining in our world; I would agree it’s easy to find many areas where improvements need to be made. What is really perplexing is the number of places a person is asked to… Continue reading

Marketing Basics

Basic Fundamentals of Chiropractic Marketing


Does the thought of chiropractic marketing place fear you? Do you cringe at spending thousands of dollars in hopes of getting the attention of some and hoping the results will be worth your time and money?

You’re not alone but I would tell you… Continue reading

Patient Feedback

4 Free Throws to Help Capture and Add Feedback to Your Chiropractic Marketing Game


Chiropractors should consider the use feedback as a chiropractic marketing tool for several reasons; but figuring out how to capture this information without putting patients on the spot is a challenge at times. The doctor… Continue reading

Chiropractic Video SEO

Chiropractic Marketing News – Google’s New Game Changer

A few months ago I came across something very interesting and ground breaking, as it relates to chiropractic marketing. Not having a firm grasp of what I’m about to share will hurt your marketing efforts, more specifically when it comes to putting… Continue reading

Chiropractic Ads

Stupid Chiropractic Marketing: “If I Can’t Have It All, I Want Nothing!”


Can you imagine how much money a company would lose if they chose not to open a store in the same mall their competitor was located? I mean even if they were playing the odds and anchored… Continue reading

Reactivating Patients

Chiropractic Marketing Tip – Easiest Way to Increase Your Patient-Base

The easiest possible chiropractic marketing method to increase your chiropractic patient-base is ironically quite obvious, yet so few chiropractors do it. You can instantly increase your number of active chiropractic patients simply by regaining your inactive patients.



According… Continue reading